Google Blogger vs. WordPress, Blog Wars: Part 1 – The Test

I have recently gotten into blogging and in the process, wanted to determine which blog engine I felt was best. So I created a working blog in the following engines:

  • Google Blogger:
  • Google Blogger, redirected to my domain: redirected to (either of these addresses go to the same place, my google blog)
  • (hosted on WordPress):
  • (installed on my subdomain):
  • (used to test backing up a blog, this is the vanilla blog with just an import of my posts from my Google blog, AlongthePathto20):
  • Vox blog:
  • LiveJournal blog:
  • TypePad and MovableType: didn’t create because they charge for them and I would have made a “free trial” blog but it wanted me to select a plan and put in my charge card info and I gather the free trial meant I could cancel it for free. So of course, I didn’t do anything with either of these.

You can go take a look at each of these to see how they look.

I have been actively customizing, testing and using the Google blogger blog: Alongthepathto20 and the blog: allthingsweb20 and the blog:

These 3 were my primary test cases and I have been copying any post I write to each of them. I have also been trying out their different features and seeing what they can and can’t do. So they are all highly customized.

The others I created for testing some particular feature (like redirecting a google blog to a domain name or testing the import feature of or for trying some of the other, less popular blogs just to compare and see if they had something worth looking at. The vox and livejournal blogs I did very little customizing to. I mostly just set a template and posted a post and poked around.

I did not test ExpressionEngine, (someone commented they use this but I didn’t look at it, might be a Content Management System) TextPattern,(actually Content Management System) Joomla, (also Content Management System) Windows Live Spaces, or B2Evolution. Nor did I test Drupal, which is considerably more than a blog and worth a whole evaluation of its own (with the other similar tools, like Joomla) Those are actually Content Management Systems so are outside the scope of this test.

So now you have what I used for my testing. Go look at each of these to get a feel for what each is basically like. And stay tuned for “Google Blogger vs. WordPress, Blog Wars: Part 2 – The Results”

~Susan Mellott


One Response to “Google Blogger vs. WordPress, Blog Wars: Part 1 – The Test”

  1. proulx Says:

    Hi there. My name is Jessica and I am doing basically the same thing as you. Today, I created both a and a blogger account.

    I have read about 1000 reviews on both including yours. I still cant decide.

    I KNOW I will never be hosting my own domain, or at least for a long time.

    I dont even know what I am really looking for in a blog, but I like that both of my blogs I have so far been able to make dark backgrounds. Having categories I dont know is such a big thing for me or not, as I have never written a blog yet and dont know where it will end up taking me.

    For the basic user of a blog, what would you suggest?

    Its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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